Here are what some are saying about the Backpacker's Guide...:
"Critical tool in prepping for thru hiking, section hiking or backpacking in general"

​"This book has been extremely helpful in preparation for hiking the AT. It really puts into perspective the consideration you need to make and highlights a process of 3 piles to lighten your load. Tons of ideas to streamline while making sure you have what you really need. Thanks Steve for putting this together."

Also of note, had a couple of questions from reading the book and the author included an email. He responded quickly and answered them! such service!"


Easy Read. Lots of ideas
"Easy Read. Lots of ideas, especially if you are a beginner. It gave me a few new ideas to try out, which is half the fun to me of trying to get a lighter pack."

A Backpacker's Guide to Making Every Ounce Count was written by an avid outdoors man, for those interested in knowing how a Gram Weenie thinks. If you are interested in lightening your pack a few ounces at a time, this book covers that very subject. Steven Lowe discusses how he used to pack for a trip and how he learned from the so-called “experts.” After following their advice, he ended up with a very heavy pack and soon realized that there had to be a lighter way to backpack.

​A Backpacker's Guide to Making Every Ounce Count offers tips that may allow you to approach your pack from a different point of view, like cutting the tags from your clothes and cutting your toothbrush in half--all in the name of shaving a few ounces of weight.​

Words cannot describe.... no wait, yeah they can.

Let me tell you a story.

A Backpacker's Guide

To Making every Ounce Count