• Spent three years in Germany
  • Almost died, choking on a leaf (when he was a child)
  • Saved someone's life when she was very young
  • Once met Ray Stevens
  • Can clean a full-grown deer within 30 minutes (with a pocket knife.
  • SCUB Certified

Steven W Lowe

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REVERSION is a Western set in the future between two worlds, Earth, and her closest Earth-type neighbor, Danzor -if 4.5 billion miles can be considered neighborly.

Derek Chase had finally built the perfect life. He married the most beautiful gal in Kansas and moved her to New York where he took a prestigious job as prosecution attorney with the Alliance of Federated Planets. After his beautiful baby girl was just a over a year old, he finally took that final step and made the decision to start his own law practice, cutting the strings from the Alliance -which no one had ever done before. That dream was shattered in one horror-filled violent night.

12 Steps To a Lighter Pack

12 Steps to a Lighter Pack was written by an avid outdoors man, for those interested in lightweight, as well as ultralight backpacking and trying to shave some weight from their packs. Steven, who has been camping since he was a child, offers real-world tips on how to look at your gear from a different point of view from what you might be used to.

Inside, are some tips on how to pack a little bit lighter. The tips here can help you to relieve at least three pounds from your pack – and maybe more. The tips listed here are not tips he simply recommends; they are tips that he himself practices within his own pack.

A Backpacker's Guide to Making Every Ounce Count

A Backpacker's Guide to Making Every Ounce Count was written by an avid outdoors man, for those interested in knowing how a Gram Weenie thinks. If you are interested in lightening your pack a few ounces at a time, this book covers that very subject. Steven Lowe discusses how he used to pack for a trip and how he learned from the so-called “experts.” After following their advice, he ended up with a very heavy pack and soon realized that there had to be a lighter way to backpack.

​A Backpacker's Guide to Making Every Ounce Count offers tips that may allow you to approach your pack from a different point of view, like cutting the tags from your clothes and cutting your toothbrush in half--all in the name of shaving a few ounces of weight.​