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Here, you'll find information on what is happening with me and my writing. I started a blog and a Youtube channel dedicated to my writing, as a part-time writer.   Within the Latest News area below.   For details on my upcoming releases please check out my blog.

Welcome to the official site of Steven Lowe.   If you are not at this site, you are not in the official site...............Seriously, that's not it.

I've written 2 books on backpacking because that is where one of my passions lie -outside.    Okay I have two passions the other one is writing. If  I am not backpacking, I am writing, maybe about being outside somehow.   I  am also working on other projects.  If you would like information on upcoming releases, please subscribe to my Blog for current updates.

12 Steps To a Lighter Pack

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Words cannot describe.... no wait, yeah they can.

Let me tell you a story.