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I have written three books. Two on backpacking and one novella -REVERSION.

I am currently working on the follow-up to Reversion, and a compilation of short stories I have written over the years. Some dating back to just after high school.

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REVERSION is a Western set in the future between two worlds, Earth, and her closest Earth-type neighbor, Danzor -if 4.5 billion miles can be considered neighborly.

Derek Chase had finally built the perfect life. He married the most beautiful gal in Kansas and moved her to New York where he took a prestigious job as prosecution attorney with the Alliance of Federated Planets. After his beautiful baby girl was just a over a year old, he finally took that final step and made the decision to start his own law practice, cutting the strings from the Alliance -which no one had ever done before. That dream was shattered in one horror-filled violent night.

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Here, you'll find information on what is happening with me and my writing. I started a blog and a Youtube channel dedicated to my writing.  

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